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Class Info/Schedule Tumbling

Boys and Girls: 7 to 18 years

Our Tumbling Program focuses on skills on floor and trampoline. Our program is a progressive skill building program. Gymnasts are evaluated at the end of each session. Once a gymnast successfully demonstrates all skills at a level they will pass to the next level.

Through the fundamentals of gymnastics, we hope the gymnasts will develop a hard work ethic, self awareness and self confidence. Gymnasts will develop balance and agility that they can use in all sports.

Our beginner level is to build the foundations of terminology and skills for all gymnasts.

Our intermediate level is for those that have the basic knowledge of gymnastics terms and skills. These gymnasts can demonstrate foundations skills and technique.

Our advanced level is the gymnasts that are able to demonstrate skills at a higher level. The class focuses on connecting skills into sets and using proper form.

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