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About Board Nomination for Bismarck Gymnastics Academy (BGA)

General Q&A
Please read through the following general Q&A. Any additional questions may be sent to the BGA Board at:

How can a person be nominated for a Board seat?
A person can nominate him or herself for a seat on the Board with the submission of the required materials to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee may also solicit nominations.

What is the Nominating Committee?
The Nominating Committee consists of the active Board members of BGA.

What is the eligibility criteria for a Nominee?
The Nominee must be an active member of the BGA.

How long will the elected Director serve on the Board?
The Director will serve a 3 year term.

What is the deadline for submitting a nomination?
Nominations may be submitted up to the day prior to the Annual Board Meeting.

How does a person nominate him or herself?
We encourage members interested in pursuing a nomination towards a seat on the BGA Board of Directors to submit their nomination and autobiography to the BGA board ( An optional Board Nomination Form may also be completed and submitted to the BGA board.

When will BGA members see the eligible Nominees?
All nominations and autobiographies submitted by September 6, 2016 will appear on this page 30 days prior to the Annual Board Meeting.

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